About Us

About Us

Exclusive. Unique. First of its kind fashion service for those who want something different. Simply the best way to experience fashion like never before. Top local designers. You heard about them and now you can feel their creations. Are you ready?

How does it Work?

step-1-icon Click on “Register” to create your Profile

step-2-iconOne of our representatives will be contacting you to complete your registration

step-3-iconNow you have your Profile created, you’ll be able to choose up to three outfits, plus three accesories, for your Experience

step-4-icon The day before your trip you’ll receive another confirmation for your peace of mind. Everything will be waiting for you at your destination


This is about you enjoying the most exclusive fashion, 100% made by local designers!

The ultimate experience for the most exquisite and demanding audience when it comes to fashion


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